April 2019: Lifeline members put up stalls at the Ramadan Souk
Category : Social Events

Ramadan is a month of immense significance. A month of blessings, prayers, giving, joy, forgiveness and tranquillity. A month where we reflect and make commitment to be the best version of ourselves and carry that version to the rest of the year as well.

Organised by Team Aspire and Hikmah Institute, A big attraction of Ramadan Souk is the variety of stalls it hosts. Talks by Br Zaid Mohammed, founder and CEO on the topic “Your Companion this Ramadan” and Br Shaik Nisar, Aspire college of Faculty on “Purpose of Ramadan” were mind blowing.

There were 10 stalls booked for the selected entrepreneurs of Lifeline Foundation, the cost of which was sponsored by one of our trustees. Few of the stalls put up by our members were Fresh flower gagaras, artificial flowers, hand embroidery, henna application, Clothing (kids wear, Dress Materials – Indian and Lawn). Artificial and imitation jewellery, knitted display articles, Crochet shawls etc. Food Stalls of Gulab jamun, chicken kebab, Pickles, dry puri, chats, and Masala packets were also sold at some stalls. The souk provided a great exposure to our members to sell and interact with clients directly, and expand their customer base.

We also got to meet other NGOs who are doing their activities with great love to revive humanity and reach out to the underprivileged. It was a brilliant platform to speak to the representative of these organisations, explore their ways and get inspired.