The Blind Entrepreneur

Khaleel Ahmed Sharif is a blind man who stitches cushion covers and pillows by hand.  He has two children who are in school.  His spouse does not earn yet he takes care of his family through his dedicated work.

He knows the rooms of rented house in Bismillahnagar from when he had his eyesight. There two small rooms in his house which he pays rent of 1500 INR.  In one room he has the kitchen and bathroom.  The other room is used for keeping pillow and cushion materials. Their toilet is outside the home and shared with another family

Dr. Muinuddin, an ophthalmologist, was consulted for bringing back the lost eyes. But unfortunately there is nothing that can be done for him to regain his sight.

On Jan 8th 2012,  Lifeline sponsored 15000 INR for his business.