COVID-19 Relief work Report – March 2020 to May 2020
Category : Social Service

  1. Ration kits valued at Rs 1.7 crores distributed which will help cook 1.41 MILLION meals

  2. Food packets distributed to feed 62,400 meals worth Rs 14.85 lakh

  3. Fresh vegetables of 35 tons worth Rs 10 lakhs distributed

Thanks to Donors

We are extremely thankful to Hutti Gold Mines, Aura Semiconductors, Global Calcium, Kingsly Instrumentation, Augeo Advisors and all our individual donors for your unprecedented support to help us do the above, and request your continued support

We are grateful to God Almighty for having strengthened us to contribute and provide assistance to the poor who are facing this calamity, and beseech him to deliver the world from this crisis.