While provision of micro-credit can go a long way in making a dent on poverty, it is not a panacea for all problems of the poor. The poor find it difficult to bear the cost of education for their children and expensive healthcare. The families often face emergencies and crisis-like situations, e.g. sudden illness, accidents leading to disability, loss of earning members etc. It is felt that provision of credit may not be the best solution under such pressing circumstances. What are needed perhaps are benevolent grants and donations to enable them to tide over the crisis without adding further to their burden.

Lifeline seeks to play an active role in the provision of humanitarian finance, through a combination of outright grants and interest-free loans. Each case requiring assistance is evaluated carefully and charity funds are mobilized to meet the emergency need. A most recent example of our intervention is distribution of blankets in many slums, e.g. govindpura, hegdenagar, goripalya and bismillahnagar so that the poor are able to face the harsh winter.