The need for education to break the poverty cycle and progress out of poverty can be hardly overemphasized. There are several key bottlenecks however, that work against the poor providing good education to their children. These include paucity of funds to cover tuition fees and related expenses, lack of understanding among the poor that education can change their lives and above all, the poor quality of education provided in government-run schools. Private school fees are often too high (between Rs 5000 to 8000 per year) for the families to afford (and these school are not necessarily of good quality either!).

Resolution no. 4 of the twelve decisions of a happy life endorsed by TLF says We shall educate our children to ensure that they stand a better chance for a brighter future”. We strongly believe that education is the surest path out of poverty, and that well educated children of today will lead their families to better lives tomorrow.  Towards this, we not only continuously motivate our members to educate their children at all costs, but also help support our members financially to whatever extent we can directly through scholarships and education loans, or indirectly, by facilitating other NGOs and individuals to fund our members to meet education expenses.

In 2015-16, education support constituted about 30 percent of Lifeline’s total humanitarian assistance.