July 2022 – Laptops on Loan scheme to foster skill development and self-employment launched

The Lifeline Foundation has started the Interest Free Laptop on a Loan scheme this year to promote entrepreneurship and education and provide employable skills to poor workers and students. Students pursuing their graduation or self-employed entrepreneurs or those seeking livelihoods and having an income level below the poverty line can apply for this scheme. Lifeline purchases a new laptop and gives it to the applicant to repay in easy monthly installments. The main motive behind launching this scheme is to provide them with their own laptop which can help them and their family members to learn and then use it to learn new skills for their education or increasing their job opportunities or income. 4 laptops have so far been given in Q1.  Lifeline plans to scale this initiative and seeks support in the form of sadaqa e jaariya – and seeks between ₹30,000 to 35,000 of donation per laptop.