Lifeline Provided ₹8.75 lakhs as medical aid to 45 cases in Q1
Category : Health | Social Service

Lifeline team of doctors and volunteers meets patients/ attenders every Sunday morning at BET branch and assesses requests for medical aid. In this manner, Lifeline helps the poor face high costs of healthcare and provides support to those who cannot afford it. Lifeline has provided ₹8,74,721 as medical aid to 45 cases in Q1 of FY23. Applications are scrutinized by the Lifeline team. Guidance is given to reduce costs, funds are raised for approved cases. Payments are made directly to the hospital/ Pharmacy.

In one such case Mr Imran, an auto driver and only bread winner was a cancer patient. He was referred by a doctor himself to be helped. His need was ₹86 k for his treatment to complete the tests. After the verification and due diligence, Lifeline raised ₹40 k and transferred directly to the Imperial Hospital and Research Center for his treatment.

Similarly, a Patient from Mysore who wanted to clear the dues for his Kidney transplant. Lifeline did fund raising and transferred ₹80,000 to Apollo Hospitals. Another Patient who had a BPL card required urgent liver transplant. Lifeline took responsibility and paid ₹67,000 directly Bhagavan Pharmaceuticals.  Another cancer Patient who is an auto driver had a hole in cheek. He was immediately supported by giving ₹1,23,417 directly to Shifaa Hospital.