Hegde Nagar is located in the north end of Bangalore with a few thousand people residing in the area. Like many people in Bangalore, the residents of Hegde Nagar fell victim to the high interest rates of the local money lenders. Lifeline began its operations in this area primarily to get the local people out of their high interest based debt. Around 60% of the borrowers in the Hegde Nagar branch are tailors. Other women have opened small provisional stores and some are in the business of stitching and re-selling garments.


Lifeline has only been in this area for about six months but already we have made a significant impact.

 We have partnered with organizations to provide Arabic classes, literacy training, blanket distribution and are ready to start tailoring, sewing and embroidery classes when we have enough funds.  Medical camps are also done once a month serving up to 350 people in the area.  The branch itself is still small with only nineteen groups but there are fortunately no problems with default.