The Mangammanapalya branch, located behind Bommana Halli, is one of the newest branches of the Lifeline Foundation. This slum is home to roughly 8,000 people. One of the biggest issues for the residents of Mangammanapalya is water. A truck dispensing clean water only comes by the area every 3 days. Each person must pay 600 rupees (around 12 US dollars) to collect water. Obtaining these funds is extremely difficult for the residents who typically live on less then 1 dollar per day.

The Mangammanapalya slum also lacks gutters or sewage lines. Therefore all of the rain water and sewage water floods the dirt roads of the area and continues into the homes of the residents. Several times a year the people living in Mangammanaplaya are forced to seek alternative shelter due to flooding in their homes.


Lifeline began it’s operations in Mangammanapalya in January 2012. The branch is led by trustee Shamsunnisia. She is also the headmaster of the local school where the meetings are held. This branch currently has 30 borrowers taking loans out, and it is continuing to grow. Besides micro loans, Shamsunnisia also holds a medical camp at the school every week as well as free weekly disbursal of food.