About the area

RT Nagar is situated in the northern part of Bangalore.

It was built in the 1970’s as a small layout but has now grown to house many people of various backgrounds.  Within RT Nagar there is an affluent commercial area; because of this the cost of living is very high. Many families struggle to attain food, education for their children and adequate housing. The government does not provide support to those in need within RT Nagar.


Lifeline Operations

Lifeline has been operating in this area for three years now.  Led by trustee Khamar Sultana, they are focused on holistic welfare of the women who borrow from the foundation.  There are 22 groups taking out loans with nearly one hundred percent repayment rate every week.  Common business activities consist of artificial jewelry, sewing, and selling saris.  The women are often found to have twenty-five to forty percent profit on their loans, an incredible return on their efforts.  Despite being on the smaller side of membership, the RT Nagar branch handles one of the higher amounts of loans given and repaid.  In addition to the loans, Khamar Sultana has worked with a local mosque to bring in doctors and medical aid for regular checkups as well as supply of medicines to the female entrepreneurs. During the month of Ramadan many charitable activities take place including contributions of clothes, food, and donations to the borrower’s children. Khamar Sultana begins each meeting with a lecture on living a good life. This talk includes topics such as morality, health, and etiquette; lessons that have been neglected from life in RT Nagar.