Valmikinagar is located in the southwest side of Bangalore. It is home to roughly 10,000 people, 60% of whom are muslim. Like most areas in Bangalore, moneylenders are a never ending problem here. Some of the interest rates can reach over 100% if the money is not payed on time. This causes the poor to fall even further into poverty. The government schools in this area lack quality education, and many of the young people turn to theft as a means to survive in this area.


Valmikinagar is the newest branch of our organization, it opened recently with forty-eight beneficiaries.  The women have just finished their first cycle of loans with 97% repayment. The Valmikinagar branch has also been working on creating loan groups for men. This will be the first time Lifeline has worked with men and we’re excited for this new expansion. Besides micro-loans, the islamic center in which the Lifeline meetings are held also host daily tailoring classes as well as as daily medical camps.