Twelve Decisions for a Prosperous Life

Our involvement in the slum is not merely to transact loans with our members and do business with them. We would like to work with our members to enrich their lives through better behavior and habits. Towards this, we have designed twelve decisions for a prosperous life. We commence every meeting by making one member recite these (in the local language) and have all other members repeat them. We hope that by frequently repeating these sentences, our members will get reminded of the values embedded in these, and implement them in their own lives and those of their families, thereby having a positive impact on their community as a whole!
1. We shall be regular in our prayers, and encourage our near and dear ones towards it
2. We shall endeavour to bring happiness and prosperity to our families.
3. We shall not live in dilapidated houses. We shall repair our houses and work towards constructing new houses at the earliest.
4. We shall educate our children to ensure that they stand a better chance for a brighter future.
5. We shall not indulge in bad habits that destroy health and wealth, such as drinking, gambling, smoking cigarette & beedi, consuming tobacco & gutkha, and discourage all from doing so
6. We shall always keep our children, ourselves, our houses and surroundings clean.
7. We shall always be ready to help each other. If anyone is in difficulty, we shall all help him or her.
8. We shall not beat, abuse, curse or fight with our parents, spouses, children, relatives and neighbors.
9. We shall not inflict any injustice on anyone, neither shall we allow anyone to do so, and shall always speak the truth.
10. We shall not give or take interest and will shun money-lenders.
11. We shall keep our area free from the curse of dowry. We shall not take any dowry at our sons' weddings neither shall we give any dowry at our daughters’ wedding. We shall not practice child marriage.
12. We shall keep our promises and not break them. We shall use the loan taken from The Lifeline Foundation honesty only for the purpose it is given for, and we shall repay it promptly.