We Help Other NGOS

At Lifeline, we believe that the battle against usury needs to spread far and wide to be effective. We hope that every slum and village in our country has NGOs who will help support the genuine credit needs of people through interest-free credit. We believe that provision of interest-free credit is one of the best methods to fight income poverty. Therefore, we work together with like-minded organizations and support them to initiate similar work in their locations.
We have detailed procedures document that records all the key processes involved in running our interest free micro-credit scheme. The processes commence from Group Formation, Group Data collection and validation, Scheduling Interviews for First cycle of Loan disbursements, Scheduling Interviews from Second cycle, Loan Sanctioning meeting procedure, Loan disbursal, Regular Meeting Procedure, Loan completion procedure , Group Modification procedure, Savings Procedure and Monthly Loan Inspection Procedure. It also lists out the Roles and Responsibilities of the volunteer, manager, loan officer and Accounts Officer. Finally, we also provide the complete set of Files and pre-printed Registers (these are UN-protected copyright of Lifeline!) to the NGOs. In a few cases, we have also raised seed funding from our donors to help these NGOs commence operations. We also ensure that the NGOs visit and study our operations for 2 to 3 weeks for them to understand the processes fully prior to them starting their operations.