Cumulative scholarships of Rs 60 lakhs (USD 92,000) has been disbursed by Lifeline over 8+ yrs to around 937 beneficiaries (Average Rs 6,500 ≈ USD 98). A cumulative interest free educational loan of Rs 22 lakhs (USD 34,000) has been given to 732 beneficiaries in the last 7+ years (Average Rs 3,000 ≈ USD 47). In both these activities, disbursements are made directly to educational institutions following a robust assessment & evaluation of each case. A further Rs 2.1 lakhs (USD 3,200) has been spent on funding tuitions for 10th std students, holding training, funding books & benches etc

TLF organizes a Scholarship Drive Program once in a year, where poor students (usually children of our members) from SSLC to Master’s degree are called for examination and interview. These scholarships are provided for deserving students to pursue further education. Strict criteria and due diligence ensure that the awardees are truly deserving.

In this year 2018-19, TLF identified 59 students studying in various institutions in Bangalore from SSLC to Post-Graduation and selected them for scholarship. The process of test and selection happened on Sunday, 7th July 2018 where more than 200 students appeared for written exam and interview. The total scholarships accorded in that drive were to the tune of Rs. 4.5 lakhs.

Scholarship of Rs 4 lakhs was given in 2018-19 to 80 orphans and deserving girl students of Crescent Association for school & college level. It is a charitable organization that runs 7 educational institutions in Basavanagudi.

TLF also supports scholarship or loans to individual students. While guiding most students to government scholarships, in some cases wherein there is further need, TLF raises funds to support the students. E.g. Vaseem Khan was supported by TLF last year for his Engineering studies in Electronics. He has scored CGPA greater than 8 despite challenges in his family. His younger brother has thalassemia, and father has Cardiac disease. TLF gave education loan of Rs 63,000 to continue his 3rd semester, to be paid back once he finishes his education and obtains a job.