Feroze Abdullah

Feroze Abdullah is one of the founding trustees whose relentless efforts led to the birth of The Lifeline Foundation. He’s one of the key drivers of this Trust and a multitude of other charitable associations in the city of Bangalore.Feroze Abdullah is well known for various initiatives of bringing together the diverse communities that live in Bangalore.  An individual who never seems to be at rest, he is always on the move to bring about social change. Feroze is a leading realtor in Bangalore. His company, Feroze’s Real Estate Agency offers a complete range of Real-Estate related services.

Mohammed Ali Shariff

Mohammed Ali Shariff hails from Bangalore, India. He completed his MSc in Development Management from the London School of Economics and Political Science with a Merit. He has also done a graduate certification in Managerial Communication from Harvard University, Cambridge, USA. Prior to that, he attained his MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A). Ali also obtained the first rank across Bangalore University in his BE degree in the discipline of Industrial Engineering and Management. Ali worked for four years as a Supply Chain Management consultant for Yantra Corporation and worked in their USA, UK and India offices. Currently, he is working as a Management Consultant in the Government Utilities Infrastructure and Development division of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India Pvt. Ltd. in Bangalore that provides advisory services to the government. Ali is also actively working with select NGOs in Bangalore to identify and solve problems faced by the oppressed citizens of the city, as well as build bridges transcending all communities, as endorsed by the Quran. Some of the key organisations are The Lifeline Foundation, LEAD Trust and Millath Relief trust. At Lifeline, Ali, along with a few motivated trustees and volunteers, has designed the complete process, collected funds and implemented micro-credit operations on a not-for-profit trust and interest-free basis in Bangalore city. Ali provides input to help improve the efficiency and productivity, of the organization, in order to ensure sustainability.

Arif Vakil

Arif Vakil is the Director of Vakil Housing Development Corporation a leading real-estate company in Bangalore, India.  He is a qualified Chartered Certified Accountant who completed his training at KPMG in Dubai. Arif is the co-author of the comic book, 40 Sufi Comics. He is also a senior member of the Koramangala Quran Study Circle and a popular speaker at various religious and other gatherings. He is currently the joint-secretary at The Lifeline Foundation.

Eyenine Syeda

Eyenine Syeda is a fashion designer living and working in Bangalore. She received her BA from Bangalore University and is currently pursuing her second BA in Islam at IOU. She also received entrepreneurial training from the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. Furthermore, Eyenine is the president of the international Muslim youth organization called JAZBA .

Eyenine Syeda handles 5 branches of the Lifeline Foundation including Umar Nagar and Govinpur. She is dedicated towards providing skill training to women in poverty. She took this work a step further by combining her fashion creativity and her promotion of female empowerment to create JAZZ . JAZZ is a brand of imitation jewelry created by underprivileged women, and has now become one of the trendiest jewelry lines.

Asif Ayaz

Asif Ayaz is an IT professional, and has been associated with The Lifeline Foundation as a volunteer since it’s inception. Asif is also an active member of the Association for Protection of Civil Rights (APCR) in Karnataka, which aims to ensure that all citizens have basic human rights.

Venkat Iyer

Venkat and his wife have been managing a small NGO, in Bangalore, by the name of Swabhimaan (www.swabhimaan.org) for over 11 years.

6 years ago, as a part of the trusts activities, Venkat adopted the Govt. Urdu School in the Rajendranagar slums in order to improve the quality of education in the are. While interacting with the kids, they realized that a large number of the parents were daily wage laborers who severely struggled to sustain their family needs. It was at this time Venkat was offered to join Lifeline. Rajendranagar  was one of the earliest branches of the Lifeline Foundation.

Mohammed Shafiulla

Mohammed Shafiulla is working with IT industry and was part of social consciousness initiative group in HP. He was a community service club co-ordinator during his tenure in Hewlett Packard since the group started. HP Community service group helps people in various ways by providing support towards education. He has actively participated in almost all the programmes during HP days.

Tazaiyun Oomer

Tazaiyun Oomer is an integral part of Humane Touch, an NGO that is involved in a number of social activities. Take for instance, the Al-Azhar Foundation, a school that teaches over 400 students from underprivileged backgrounds. Humane Touch also organizes vocational training centres, Micro-credit initiatives and medical camps for the needy.

Syed Tahseen Hussain 

Syed Tahseen HussainSyed Tahseen Hussain is the CEO & Director at E-Commerce Applications Pvt. Ltd, Koramangala, Bengaluru Est. in the year 2000.”A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” an ideal quotation representing Tahseen. A man with a humble beginning, he laid the foundation of his Career in Saudi Arabia at Riyad Bank’s Islamic Banking. In his long career, spanning over 30 years in Saudi Arabia ending in the year 2007, he went further ahead to create a benchmark into Information Technology.His ideology of continuous improvement, have made him realize and involve himself into social activities for welfare of the underprivileged; some of which are covered in Srirangapatna.Additionally, as a trustee of The Lifeline Foundation since its inception, he anticipates to raise his benchmark towards social welfare alongside facilitating the impoverished by giving them hope and financial assistance.Yet, it does not end there for Tahseen, he says ” This is just the beginning of yet another long and progressive journey”.

Ahsan Ali

Ahsan Ali is one of the board members of Lifeline. He did his MS from Arizona State University, Tempe, US, and worked in the US for about 14 years. He returned back to India in 2005 to be closer to his bigger family and contribute towards deserving social causes. He’s currently helping at the Govindpur Lifeline center. He also serves as the General Secretary in LEAD Trust (http://www.leadtrust.in), an educational NGO dedicated to provide opportunities to bright and underprivileged students in India.