Facilitating access to Government Schemes through 2B certificates

Government of Karnataka has a budget of more than Rs 2,200 crores for Minorities alone. To avail any of the Government schemes in Karnataka, a 2B income and caste certificate is a compulsory document.  The certificate itself, once made, is valid for 5 years. We have noticed last month while collecting applications for KMDC Loans that there are many beneficiaries of Lifeline who do not have this certificate.

Lifeline Foundation Trust has initiated a sustained and ongoing effort to make 2B certificates of the poor who are deserving but do not have it. Khan Academy of Printing and Press (situated at Kandaya Bhavan in front of DC canteen) is our agent who will be help us to achieve the target of 250 2B certificates for the beneficiaries during this year. Up to November, 150 certificates have already been made.

2B certificate is a compulsory document under following Schemes:

  1. Scholarship Schemes – Pre-Matric, Post-Matric, Merit-cum-means
  2. Educational programs – Fee reimbursement, National overseas Scholarship
  3. Training programs– UPSC/KPSC, GNB/BSC Nursing, Training for Law Graduates, Vocational training, Skill development
  4. Incentive and stipend programs- ITI, Journalism
  5. Labour department cards
  6. Loan Schemes-ShramaShakti, GangaKalyan, Farmer’s Loan, Gulf return, Taxi/Goods
  7. Bidai Scheme
  8. Fellowship scheme-Mphill/Phd
  9. Pension Scheme-Widow, OldAge,
  10. Vidyashri scheme

The cost of obtaining one 2B certificate is Rs 500. Of this, the beneficiary pays an amount Rs 300 and LifeLine trust will be subsidizing and bearing the cost of Rs 200 per certificate. The total budget for this activity is Rs 50,000. We request donors to kindly provide the requisite funds to carry out this activity. If you are interested in donating, do let us know and we will share the necessary details.

Kindly contact Musaib (musaib@lifelinetrust.in, 8147919264) for further details or clarifications.

We request all to support us in this important activity.