“Lifeline for the Destitute” program supported 7 families with equipment for their livelihoods

Lifeline has started “Lifeline for the Destitute” program to identify and support the most deprived families (widows, elderly, people with disabilities, extreme poverty etc). We adopt them for initial months with ration support for immediate relief, and work to identify the appropriate revenue generating trade that they can set up, and help make them economically stable. In Sep 2021, 7 families from Govindpura were supported under this initiative by providing 5 pushcarts to sell fruits & vegetables, or snacks & confectionery items which we have arranged for them to buy from a local shop at a good discount. 2 families were supported with tea flasks and tea products to earn a living. The typical cost of supporting one family ranges from Rs 5,000 to 15,000. In Q2, 7 families have been supported under this initiative and Rs 49,532 have been spent.

In another case, Amjad Pasha (34) was helped under the Lifeline for Destitute program. He was initially supported by ration for two months worth Rs 2500 from Lifeline. And later Lifeline staff raised Rs 32,000 from donors who directly paid his pending rent and prevent them from being evicted.