Lifeline Seva Kendra organized 4 documentation camps in Q1 and assisted 384 people
Category : Social Service

The main objective and the key reason for documentation camps is to deliver services at their doorstep to save their expense and provide it with no service charge, along with saving their quality time and identifying their needs. In Ql, Lifeline Seva Kendra’s team successfully organized 4 camps at different locations to benefit people and serve humanity. The below table details the key aspects of these camps.

2 Lifeline Seva Kendras helped 539 people get access to govt services & benefits

The main objective of the Lifeline Seva Kendra is to enable the reach of govt & NGO schemes to the right targeted groups of people, empowering and creating awareness with guidance and advice, and also providing medical, education and other humanitarian services. The LSK aims to help citizens to avail govt schemes by facilitating the application of key documents such as Aadhar card, Ration card, Passport, income certificate, voter ID, health card, scholarship applications, govt applications etc. During Ql, the team was successful in benefitting 529 beneficiaries at both the Seva kendras located in Kalasipalyam & Govindpura. In healthcare & education, NGO funding is also facilitated by the L3K, 5 cases were funded by Lifeline spending ₹64,000 and l7 cases facilitated funds from other NGOs to a number of Rs. 4.9l lakhs. Interested NGOs and institutions who wish to start similar service centres can get in touch with us.