Sameena, 23 Year old need our help to come back to life
Category : Current Appeals

My daughter Sameena sultana aged about 23 yrs is currently diagnosed with aplastic anemia and is getting treated at St John’s medical academy of health sciences Bangalore. Initially we thought it might be a case of viral infection which can be cured through IV or antibiotics but conditions went in opposite directions later to know it’s a much bigger problem. Research suggests it’s a rare disease found only one among thousand people.

She is from a very poor family and holds a BPL card, she is being treated at st John’s hospital and her estimated treatment cost is around 11 lakhs, the family cannot afford and she is eligible to take Zakath amount. Please let us all help her recover Inshallah. May Allah Grant her fastest recovery. Aameen.

Account name: The Lifeline Foundation Trust-charity
Account No: 9180 100 003 62394
Axis bank, Basavanagudi Branch
IFS Code : UTIB0001496