Warm Touch – an initiative adding warmth to the most deprived
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Over the last month, we have been distributing blankets to the people sleeping on the streets of Bengaluru. The need is far more than the 500 we have distributed so far.

Last week, our team visited a colony of garbage segregator’s and rag pickers living in abysmal conditions near Hoskote. After a brief survey we learnt that this is one of many such colonies. 417 people (~100 families + 30 bachelors) are living here in a very deprived state. It was heart wrenching to see them sorting refuse from the city at negligible pay. They are living in temporary sheds covered with tarpaulin roofs and bumpy floors, where water is supplied only twice a week in a tanker, and there is no electricity or transport!

Each family, with kids per house have a temporary structure as a classroom with no black board. Kids sit on the floor and do not have a school bag, stationary and books.

Some social workers have already been supporting them with food, and we are working with them as a team. As our first initiative, we want to give them basic needs of blankets, woolen caps and socks to see them through winter. We are also engaging with other NGOs and foundations for water filters and solar lights, and preparing a plan to understand and upgrade their education facility.

We look forward for your support in order to make their lives a little more comfortable

Team Lifeline, Humane Touch and Vision 20
Tazaiyun Oomer, Asma Khaleel, Shaan Aazim, Nabeela Shah, Ali Shariff, Musaib Md.