Brief History & Summary

The Lifeline Foundation (TLF) was formed as a Charitable not-for-profit trust on 1st July 2010 by a group of philanthropists and concerned residents of Bangalore city. It is targeted to help the poor who are unable to access credit, or get it at unfair terms, with the aim to root out usurious lending to the poor.

Our core activity is providing Interest-free loans to our members, who number more than 2,500 spread across 17 slums of Bengaluru. Additionally, due to our presence within the slums, we have become intimately aware of other needs of our members and requirements of others in the areas we operate in. Therefore, we have extended our activities to various other poverty alleviating measures such as Scholarships, Educational loans, Medical aid, clearing of external debt of members, food, clothing and blanket distribution etc. The Lifeline Foundation aims to support our members through direct action as well as help them to improve their own lives.