December – Udhyam-Lifeline – BET Batch Graduation

Udhyam Learning Foundation- a not for Profit agency that works in the field of entrepreneur development for micro-finance businesses. It is an organization that aims to build entrepreneurship and skills in the individuals it works with.

Udhyam Vyapaar Program has worked with over 150 small business owners in urban low income areas in Bengaluru and rural Karnataka. The program applies a blended methodology of delivering value to small business owners by combining class room based sessions with 1-1 mentoring focusing on building entrepreneurial mindsets and skills. Udhyam Vyapaar has also developed tools that are contextual and help small business owners who fall in their target segment. This training program covered topics such as understanding business, basic economics & profitability, goal setting, idea generation etc

Udhyam Vyapaar’s goals align with Lifeline Trust’s vision, and this partnership can impact both parties hope to create in its beneficiaries individually. Udhyam did a pilot training project, working with 17 members of Lifeline in BET Branch. It ran a series of 8 training sessions of 45 minutes each over Oct-Dec which happened just prior to the regular meetings of Lifeline.

The Lifeline Foundation and Udhyam celebrated the 1st graduation Ceremony on Sunday 9th December at the seminar hall in BET college. The program started with the National Anthem. The beneficiaries of BET who passed the training sessions were given their graduation Certificates from the chief Guests, Shari’ah Scholars Mufti Barkatulla and Shaikh Faizal Ahmed Manjoo, both from London, and Dr Shariq Nisar from Mumbai. They appreciated the efforts of the women and prayed for their success. Mr. Mohammed Ali Shariff and Tazaiyun Oomer, trustees of Lifeline Foundation also shared a few encouraging words at the occasion. The trainees also came on stage and shared their experiences and future Plans. Three of the entrepreneurs were also given additional loans to scale up their businesses. The training programme received a positive feedback and response from the trainees, they were very enthusiastic, attended classes regularly and enjoyed the learning experience.  

The function was well attended by nearly 100 people and was followed by lunch hosted by Lifeline. We thank each and every one who was part of this event.