Feb 2019: Support provided to Orphans at the Ya-rab Education Trust near Sarjapur
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On the morning of the 4th March 2019, team of 5 members of Lifeline from our BET branch paid a visit to the Ya-rab Orphanage and Education Trust (YET). Our visit to the orphanage was very inspiring and taught us the true essence of caring and sharing. It made us realise the importance of self-motivation in life. We interacted with the children and staff present there, They welcomed us whole-heartedly and served us delicious breakfast.

Yarab Orphanage and Education Trust (YET) was started in 2006 at Adigarkalhalli (near Sarjapura), around 45 mins from Bangalore, by Jb. Mahmood Khan sb and his wife Ghousia apa in their humble abode. In 2013, Jb Mahmood Khan expired after suffering from Kidney failure, and since then, Mrs Ghousia has been in-charge of the institution. Due to the good care and education being provided, the strength at YET is 120 children. 60% of them are girls, and 75% of them are orphans. The remaining have been left at the orphanage by parents due to extreme poverty. Some of the children who have grown up at YET are now successfully completing their graduation in nursing, physiotherapy etc. Most of the children are getting very good quality schooling at the Indus Community School closeby. 

The Lifeline Foundation donated Rs 1,20,000 to pay the tuition fees to teachers and helpers employed to provide additional coaching in the evening and ensure children are able to cope up with the studies and perform well. There are 3 tutors (Asfiya Banu, Sana Sheikh and Saniya Khanum) and 2 helpers (Shaheena Banu, Sabira Khanum) employed to serve the orphans. The salary is Rs 6,000 per month for 10 months of the year. From July 2018, they have not been paid the salary. The requirement was Rs 2.7 lakhs for this year till March 2019. Lifeline Foundation was able to raise Rs 1.2 lakhs and intends to collect more funds and meet this requirement. We appeal and request one and all to help this cause by sponsoring the salaries of these teachers. We request you to donate and choose any of the following options

  1. Fund one teachers salary for 1 month – Rs 6,000
  2. Fund one months salary for all teachers – Rs 30,000
  3. Fund the one teachers salary for the entire year – Rs 60,000

Please do reach out to Mr. Musaib (musaib@lifelinetrust.in, 81479 19264) if you are interested.

Brief Background of YET

While their whole history may not be related here, but in short and for those not familiar, Jb. Mahmood Khan sb and Ghousia apa were a couple with limited means and no children of their own. They were living in a tin-shed and in 2002, they opened their hearts and doors to adopting a few orphans. Word on their loving care and dedication spread fast, and very soon, they reached to more than 100 children –most orphans, all destitute and poor. They registered the trust in 2006 and gradually built and expanded living quarters for the children, and built a masjid on premises with help from a few donors. They were the very much loved father and mother to the children who had none of their own. The presence of Indus Community School (part of Indus group, one of the top ranked schools in India) nearby was a boon, and most of the children were admitted and obtained very good quality primary education at an affordable price.

However, calamity struck soon, and Jb Mahmood Khan sb suffered from Kidney failure at the young age of 42. Battling with the disease and undergoing dialysis during this period did not dampen his enthusiasm to ensure better care and facilities for the children while undergoing severe physical and financial strain. In 2013, Jb Mahmood Khan sb breathed his last, a fortunate and blessed father to more than 100 little hands who prayed for his success in the hereafter. Despite her grief and faced with gigantic challenges, Ghousia apa took over the entire affairs of the orphanage and has been running it.