Hernia operation to Driver Abdul Sattar wife – Reshma banu
2014-11-23 13.14.53
HBS Hospital gave an estimate of  30K towards hernia operation of  Reshma banu, wife of auto driver Abdul Sattar.  Lifeline foundation is going with full medical aid towards the hospital expenses.
Initially TLF gave a cheque of 30k towards today towards HBS Hospital for hernia operation of  Reshma banu (wife of driver Abdul Sattar). Abdul Sattar wanted operation to be performed at “Basavanagudi medical centre” near to his house. hence a replacement cheque has been given towards the different medical hospital.
Inshallah, he will visit hospital in Nov 2014 last week
All the amount has come into TLF account.
Hernea operation to Driver Abdul Sattar wife – Reshma banu  – Oct 2014
Sl No Contributor Amount
1 Munawer S 20000
2 YG 5000
3 Tauseef Ahmed 5000
Total 30000
Jazakallah for all donors.
@Tauseef : Let Allah give you more and more, so that you can donate generously :)-