July 2019 –Lifeline celebrated the success of 100 ladies graduated from its Entrepreneurship Development Training (EDT) programme with Udhyam

Lifeline and Udhyam’s journey continues to help women entrepreneurs. We pitched to Goripalya vyapaaris on 6th June 2019 while discussing on the merits of undergoing entrepreneurship program training which would help their vyapaar to scale and succeed.

The Lifeline Foundation in coordination with Humane Touch and Udhyam Vvapar celebrated the 5thgraduation Ceremony on Wednesday, 31st  July at Al Azhar School. The beneficiaries of Goripalya who passed the training sessions were given their graduation Certificates and a calculator from the chief Guest, Mrs Asma Ishaq and also from the H M Mrs Saira Nighath of Al Azhar school. They appreciated the efforts of the women and prayed for their success. The guests also shared a few encouraging words with the trainees at the occasion. The trainees also came on stage and shared their experiences and future Plans. Entrepreneurs were also given additional loans to scale up their businesses.The sessions were conducted on every Wednesday and Saturday for 2 Hours simultaneously with the Lifeline Meetings.

“I co- facilitated a batch of 25 enthusiastic entrepreneurs on bringing mindset change in improving their business performance. The sessions facilitated them to understand the importance of jointly running businesses. I witnessed their grit in running businesses together to increase profits and reduce cost. Participant’s positive approach towards new ideas, made me witness the practical aspects involved in creating community of practitioners in true sense. It was indeed an immense reflective and transformative journey for me.”  Ruchi Bachani,Udhyam’s Facilitator for the Goripalya Batch.