May 2019: Ration Kit Distribution of Rs 3.92 lakhs in Ramadhan 2019

The Holy Month of Ramadhan passed with extraordinary challenges encountered by many poor and needy families, the scarcity of food remains one of the major hurdles at the downward section of the community.

Ramadhan is the time of giving and sharing, especially with those who are less fortunate. We tried to help under privileged families with their basic food needs. During Ramadhan, Lifeline, along with Humane Touch trust fecilitated lifeline beneficiaries by providing a month’s ration to 320 families in slums of Bangalore like Govindpura, D J Halli, Kavalbyrasandra, Yarabnagar, Shampur, Tilak Nagar, Mominpura, Goripalya, Bismillahnagar. etc. Ration packets was also distributed to around 60 families in Mysuru.

In the holy month of Ramadhan, food for sehri (pre-dawn meal) and iftar (meal for breaking fast) was provided to the down trodden, disadvantaged and needy. Rs 3.92 Lakhs was spent by Lifeline in this activity by distributing Food packages comprising of flour, rice, sugar, cooking oil, dates and tea leaves are packed in bags and distributed to the needy