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Clinic at Rajendranagar


We realized that in most poor families, sickness for any member meant at least a cialis 5mg Rs.100 expense towards consultation and treatment. That is a day’s wage. And if the breadwinner was sick, the income for the day was also lost. To help these hapless families avoid big expenses on medical treatment, a clinic was started two years ago by Lifeline. The doctor treats the patients holistically for as little as Rs. 10, offering both consultation and medicine.


The clinic in the last two years has benefited many families in the slum colony. When complicated cases are discovered, they are referred to nearby Acura hospital, a multi-speciality facility, for further subsidized treatment. The clinic operates for three hours with an average of twelve to fifteen patients.





A Stitch in Time

Tailoring Classes for Unemployed Young Women.

The idea was to help the young girls of the Rajendranagar slums to be self employed. Towards this end, a tailoring class for the girls in the community started about the same time as the clinic and is benefitting about 15 -18 girls at any given time.

Since the Clinic remains closed in the evenings, we convert a part of it in to tailoring classes.

Between 5pm and 7pm every day about 18 girls learn tailoring. This has immensely benefited the young girls resulting in 30 girls starting their own tailoring businesses.



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English Classes at Regional Language Government Schools


The Rajendranagar Government school supports about 200 Muslim children between 1st and 7th std.

It is an Urdu medium school which has not had an English teacher for decades, despite English being a subject in the syllabus. We  hired the services of a senior English teacher and his presence and coaching has made a big difference in the English skills of our Urdu School students. This has in turn helped us move all the students passing 7th standard to an adjacent English medium private high school (8th till 10th). The first batch of these students have just written their 10th standard Board Exams.

Through the Red Tape

Urban Resource Centre


Every budget session, the Indian Government allocates crores to the poor. These are to be distributed via various governmental initiatives. Unfortunately, because of the bureaucracy and the illiteracy of the poor, only a sprinkling of these funds reach their targets. Most of these funds remain untouched year after year.

To make the best use of the allocated funds, we’ve created an Urban Resource Centre (URC) within these slums. The objective of the URC is to bridge the gap between these available initiatives and the poor. We have full time employees who assist the community members of the slum to realise the privileges available to them, equip them with the knowledge and the paperwork to gain these benefits.

Our vision for the URC is for the residents of the slum to navigate the system on their own in the hope that they will be able to find the resources for many years to come.